Aotea Centre Drama Trip

SPINDERELLA The drama group introduced Spinderella with a whole lot of   rhyming beats to make you scream and sing along with the good beats. We knew that it was going to be a blast!!!!!!! .HARP,STRAW,COOKIES,SPIN  GOT A MAKE IT GOT A WIN!!! Everyone cheered with excitement… then the Wolf Gang came in to try and beat Spin in the rapping competition but Spin had a secret power… the one and only harp. She was the best at singing and everyone loved her but the wolves cheered, “AWOOO,” then we all cheered along, “AWOO.” SO the rap battle began,DUN DUN DUN. Then Spin started his rap but with a little twist… harp straw cookies spin gotta make it gotta win ( we forgot the rest). Then Spin WON the rap competition and took out the Wolf Pack and for the last min we took a photo with all the actors oh oh we forgot about the DJ but we didn't like him because he was part of the Wolf Gang!!!:) Jessica and Sofia
Dance Workshop Next we had a workshop which included dance and drama movements and we had t…

Cans For Christmas

Cans For Christmas
Last week to start our Social Justice week we all brought cans to school. This was to support the Mercy Hospice and the St Vincent de Paul. Our children contributed with 256 cans. The Auckland wide collection was 22,000 in all. Thank you so much for your support.

Proclaiming The Word Inter School

Proclaiming Of The Word

On the 12th of September the school held the Proclaiming of the Word inter-school finals in the school church. There were 11  Catholic schools including our school. A boy named Sam won. He was representing Mount Carmel Catholic School, Meadowbank. I felt very nervous before it was my turn to read and I’m sure the others contestants would have been too.
By Tom.

Father"s Day Breakfast

The week leading up to our wonderful Father's Day breakfast we got busy being creative and had practice time working in Google Draw to create an invitation. We had to import pictures and arrange our layout with all the important details. When the e-mail access was open we sent the invitations out to all the dads and what an amazing response. as you can see below.

We had lots of fun in our Father's Day photo booth.

Poetry Recitals

We visited the library to choose a poem to learn off by heart. This was to help us prepare for presenting our speeches later in the term. The poem needed to be at least 10 lines long and we had to include the title and author of the poem. Here are two well presented examples from Alice and Arnie.

Arnie's Poetry Recital

Alice's Poetry Recital

Art Exhibition 2018

Thursday night last week was a fantastic opportunity to share the amazing talent of Room 7 artists.
We are especially proud of our Year 6 winner Lucia and Year 5 winner Lucy. We hope you will be able to visit and view all the inner city school finalists at Victoria Park New World Supermarket next holidays in October.